Zoingo Boingo Pogo Stick


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Zoingo Boingo Pogo Stick

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The Zoingo Boingo freestyle pogo is a pogo stick with a difference. Featuring a rugged stretchable cord connected to a custom grip handle and a sure-grip foot platform with durable bouncing ball to give great control.
Children hug the ball with both feet, bend their knees, stretch up on the cord and jump, twist in the air and have fun bouncing and boinging. The elastic cord stretches with their height and movements. It’s an exciting fun way to develop gross motor skills, balance and keep fit too.
Pogo stretches from 65 cm to 82 cm high.

Colours: Green, Orange or Yellow will be chosen at random

Recommended Age: 8+

Approx. Size: 30cm x 40cm (in box)


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