Tip-ex Rapid Correction Fluid Dry Tipex


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Foam applicator for extra precise corrections

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Foam applicator for extra precise corrections

This Rapid correction fluid from Tipp-Ex is ideal for all types of paper corrections. The chisel-shaped foam tip gives you a precise and high quality tool for erasing your mistakes, and the fast drying correction fluid formula means you can write over it quickly. The foam applicator ensures you can achieve a clog-free, smooth application.

This 20ml bottle of premium correction fluid results in no chips or cracks, and no stains or splashes thanks to the easy applicator and tip. The fine chisel tip is suitable for erasing long sentences, and also smaller sections of text, such as punctuation. Keep your work neat and tidy at all times!

NOT suitable for children

Approx Volume: 20 ml

Inner box size: 10


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