Say It Don’t Spray It Mouthguard Game BOXED


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Say It Don’t Spray It Mouthguard Game BOXED

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The Hilarious Family Mouthguard Game that is sure to provide plenty of fun and laughter!

The game consists of 4 or more players, in two teams or more.
The aim of the game is to correctly understand the phrase your teammate is trying to say through a mouth guard! this is a very difficult (and funny) challenge.
An egg timer (provided) gives the players one minute to correctly guess as many of the phrases written on the cards as possible.
After each player has taken a turn, the team with the most correct guesses wins the game.

Suitable for ages 6+. Includes small, medium and large mouthpieces

10x Mouth Guards – 4 large, 4 Medium, 2 Small
100 Double sided cards
4x Plastic Bibs
1x Timer

Package Size: 26.7 x 26.7 cm approx.

Inner box size: 12
Outer box size: 144


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