Paper Fastening Machine Clip Binder


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Stationary paper fastener machine with clips. Ideal for school, home and office.
Great quality.

To use: * Prepare your paper fastener by inserting the clips(narrow end first) into the rear part of the machine.

* Slide the clip past the spring mechanism and push it up until you feel some resistance.

* Place the mouth of the mechanism over your sheets of paper and push the spring loaded clip to the end. Your clip should now secure itself around your documents.

* Slide off and re-use wehen needed.

Variations: 2 assorted colours – black and silver
Chosen at random

Approx pack size: 21 x 10 cm
Approx machine size: 13 x 3 cm

Age: 3+ years.

Inner box size: 12
Outer box size:24


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