Whether it’s a back to school range you are looking for, Christmas stocking fillers, or perhaps the essential summer toys and games, find it all in the Seasonal category.


Catering for customers who follow the changes of the seasons, this is a category bursting with exciting supplies, perfect for taking advantage of current market trends. At Kidz Gifts we are proud to stock a host of products to cover every season from spring right through to winter and will always provide our famed low wholesale prices, no matter what time of year.


We understand that all businesses, from independent sole traders to big multinational brands, have to plan their stock throughout the year and may want to prepare for a future market change well in advance. That is why all our seasonal products are available at all times throughout the year – in other words, you can buy Christmas trees in the summer and beach balls in winter. Want some Santa stationery in July? We have you covered. Need something quirky for the summer swimming pool like an Inflatable Watermelon Can Holder? We have you covered. Perhaps you are looking to stock up on Halloween costumes as early as January? Kidz Gifts have you covered.

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Recent statistics suggest that Brits alone spend over £19 billion a year on Christmas presents so it only makes sense to stock these products all year round to meet the demand of every potential customer – from the organised, early shoppers through to last minute dealers. On top of toys and gifts such as Elves on Shelves and pages of Christmas craft supplies, we also supply all the decorations to retailers looking to spread even more Christmas joy.


Of course, it isn’t only private retailers who trust Kidz Gifts with providing premium products to suit every budget, with many schools and places of education also regular customers. Our range of back to school supplies is so vast that as well as being able to easily stock a backpack, you can stock a whole classroom with all the learning must-haves. All types of stationery is available to make it a smooth transition in September for all children, teachers and schools with brands such as Helix, Staedler, Bic, Oxford and Pilot all available.


The Kidz Gifts seasonal section is always subject to new and exciting products, keeping up with the latest trends and forecasting what may be the next big thing. Chat to one of our friendly customer service advisors to learn more about the latest additions to be added to this expansive line and give your business the chance to blossom, come rain or shine.


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