TOP 12 The Best Party Bag Fillers Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

From their very first birthday, children all across the country will be having parties.

What may start out as just a couple of neighbours and their children attending soon escalates into a party to cater for the whole class and – of course- with a party comes party bags.

These fundamental party essentials are the takeaway ‘must’ for all children – a memento from the day and a reminder of the occasion.

Although every parent wants to give the best possible experience for their child, it doesn’t mean you need to break the bank.

Here, we take a look at 12 fantastic party bag fillers ideas that are not only good fun for the kids, but also good for the budget too!

12. Squeezy Moody Faces

Mini Squeezy Moody Face

Happy, goofy, silly and a great deal of fun, these squeezable faces offer hands-on fun for every party guest. For ages 3+, Moody Faces arrive in an assortment of colours and expressions, ensuring there are only happy faces leaving when the party is done.

11. Funky Stacker Swapper Pencils

When a party bag filler can be used over and over again, you know you are onto a winner. These funky pencils offer a kaleidoscopic range of colours in one handy piece of stationery. Simply pull out the colour your are using and push it into the bottom of the pencil to rotate through the colours and find the one you need.

11. Funky Stacker Swapper Pencils

10. Bubble Magic Tubs With Wand

Bubble Magic Tubs With Wand

Whether you are 1 or 101, there is something about bubbles that can captivate the imagination of anyone. Making the ideal item for your party bag, Bubble Magic has been a guaranteed success for generations.

9. Wacky Wall Walkers

Who needs Spiderman when you’ve got a wall Walker. These miniature characters are great fun for interactive youngsters who can throw the durable fellas against almost any surface and watch them ‘walk’ down.

Wacky Wall Walkers

8. Sticky Creatures

Provided in 12 Assorted Designs & Colours, Sticky Creatures are fun, safe and – despite what the name suggests – clean as well! Throw the sticky creature at any smooth, flat surface, at walls and windows and just watch, you can also make a competitions with your friends to see who can splat nearest a target.

7. Mini Rainbow Smiley Face Slinky Springs

We’ve all seen the classic slinky toy making it’s way down the stairs, one flip after another, yet this classic toy has now received a 21st century makeover. Available in rainbow designs, race your springs down steps and manmade obstacles for hours of challenges and fun.

Mini Rainbow Smiley Face Slinky Springs

6. Pack of 6 Mini Colouring Pencils

Pack of 6 Mini Colouring Pencils

When you can send a child away from your party with a little gift that they can use over and over again, you know you are onto a winner. These mini colouring pencils provide just the answer, while also promoting creativity and art. Not bad for a little party bag filler.

5. Mind Teaser Puzzles

Hand-eye coordination, balance, skill and a bit of luck – that’s what you need when tackling these tricky Mind Teaser Puzzles. Portable and challenging, these toys will be the first thing opened on the way home from the party with so much enjoyment to be had.

Mind Teaser Puzzle

4. Puzzle Snakes

Puzzle Snakes

Let your creativity flow with these Puzzle Snakes that can be folded, pressed and twisted into all sorts of patterns. A fantastic option for ages 3+, these snakes may be less dangerous than the ones you see on television but they are certainly no less wriggly.

3. Mini Fruit Crystal Putty

When a ball of putty isn’t enough, these fruity designs are just the ticket to entice young hands. Whatever you want to mould you can with these flexible Clay’s that even come with their own storage container.

Mini Fruit Crystal Slime Putty

2. Magic Wriggly Worms

Magic Wriggly Worms

When a child hears the word ‘magic’ the excitement levels instantly grow. Therefore, the Magic Wriggly Worms are a great choice for all party bags. Easy to use yet fun every time, simply pull the string and watch these inanimate toys spring to life right in front of your eyes.

1. Emoji Glasses

Produced by Toymoji, these glasses combine a pair of cool shades with your favourite emojis to give children a pair of glasses they won’t ever want to take off. With a range of emojis available, why not treat your party guests to the most fun piece of fashion they will own.

Emoji Glasses

So there we have it. Twelve fantastic party bag fillers that won’t break the bank but offer endless hours of fun.

If you have been inspired by this blog, why not check out all our party bag fillers online right now at Kidz Gifts Wholesale.

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TOP 12 The Best Party Bag Filler Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank
Here, we take a look at 12 fantastic party bag fillers ideas that are not only good fun for the kids, but also good for the budget too!
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